Thursday, July 14, 2005

New Scoreboard

Things have been moving nicely at the stadium. I really didn't understand how BIG this scoreboard is untill I seen the base poles go in. I love the fact that I'll get to operate the new video display. It's a great honor to do this for my alma mater.

Big thanks goes to the sponsors and the commitee that pulled off this project!

Friday, July 23, 2004

Counting Down to the start of Tiger Football

Summer is starting to wind down, the HOF Festival is about to kickoff so that mean FOOTBALL SEASON is almost here! I got my season tickets for my Mom and Fiance, also tickets for the away games. I need to make a trip to SportStuff and Tiger Rags for some new gear. Deside if I am going to buy that "Q" grill at Wal-Mart. Get Daktronics out for repairs on the scoreboard and message display.  Man, these next 34 day are going to be busy!

For a good laugh
Make a stop to JibJab and watch the cartoon called "My Land", and I promise you a good laugh!

Thursday, June 03, 2004

The summer is heating up!

Ah, summer time in Ohio is back again. Time for Indians baseball and talk about the upcoming football season!

As I look toward the future, I also look back at the pass and the GREAT Memories I have! The 100th game to the CHOKE game with McKinley last year. The new friends I've met along the way. I guess as my good friend BigTime says, "I've been hit with the TIG-ERS flu!" It's a bad strain of the flu in which there is no cure! All I think about now is when football season starts and how much I miss football! I can't wait till I am back in the Press Box! This flu can also put a strain on your love life! You start dragging your love one too all of the home games, then the away games, ending with her having to with you to Kool-aid fests and Booster Club functions! Thank God I have a future wife that puts up with me having the TIG-ERS Flu!

Where have all the Pitchers gone??

The Indians are having another rough season. The starting pitching as been good so far, but the bullpen... Oy! Mr. Dolan, PLEASE BUY A NEW BULLPEN!!!! Or could it be that pitchers don't like the Lake Erie breeze? Or could it be all of the hot air in Cleveland City Hall causing them to lose speed on their fast balls? Something to think about....

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Please! Keep ahold of that TIGER!

I better make sure that I spill err... spell everything right. I don't want PETA bashing my site.

Folks, I am at the Stadium early for every game, and this past Satuday, I've got to see Obie XXXIII. She was out and about in the grass area on the North side of the stadium. I thought, boy she has the life. All the chicken she can eat, nice grassy area to play in and caretakers that makes sure she is well taken care of. I just don't understand what all the fuss is about? Also, when the propane cannons were tested, we checked with the Tiger Crew. She wasn't even phased by the noise. It was like it never happend. I don't really think that PETA has any IDEA on how much that cub is loved and cared for. As for the tiger suit, we have one and a VERY nice one at that. I was in the band when we got it my junior year during the 60th Anniversary show. Also PETA picked the wrong time to start a fight with this city. We have just lost a patrolman. This city is mad enough with losing one of our own in the line of duty. Now you come into town with this crap!!! I am sorry, but you guys need some help! I better not say much more, I don't want my comments on a fax to Mr. Hennon.


Sunday, May 26, 2002

The Arena in Massillon, Ohio

Ok folks, I have seen the American made steel sitting by the Amvets club, but why is it JUST SITTING THERE!!!! Mr. Mayor we as tax payers of this city NEED ANSWERS! I keep hearing stories about this, that, and the other why construction hasn't started yet. I even think that maybe the Xpress' story about why they left Massillon for Kantwin could be true. I love this city don't get me wrong, but when I see steel rusting because it's just sitting there has me worried. I think that the Arena would be a GREAT addition for this town. And I am one of it's biggest supporters! I just feel that the tax payers of this town need some answers on why nothing is going on at the construction site.

What month are we in??????

Ohio weather has always been crazy, but what's up with this weather???? A few days ago I seen on the news that Cleveland had a TRACE of SNOW!! Hello Mother Nature! Are you home??? It's the Month of May and you are STILL droping this white crap on our heads??? I bet we are one of the few states that can go from A/C to switching on the Heater all in ONE DAY! Maybe it's that El Nino thing again? I don't know, I'm not no Dick Goddard.


Monday, March 11, 2002

9-11: Six months after....

It's been six months since the attack of NYC and DC. It's hard to believe that it's been that long. The images are still fresh in my mind, like it happened yesterday. Many children lost a parent that day. I know what those children are going through still today. I for one lost my father at a very young age. Or the loving wife or husband that didn't make it home for dinner. My heart still goes out to everyone that have been effected by this event of terror that struck the heart of this nation! And the BRAVE Men and Women of our Armed Forces that are fighting the war on terror. I wish you a safe journey, and Thank You for protecting a country that I love the most. Last, but not least. God Bless America!


Saturday, March 02, 2002

I remember when....

I was an 80's child and grew up watching alot of TV. There is this one show that always have stood out in my mind. It was a game show called "Press Your Luck". ( And to find out now, it's back on GSN! ( MCTV CH. 69 ) If you don't remember the name of the show, then you might remember the Whammies! The little red guy that took all your money away and made fun at you. Anyways..... I just found out today, that they are remaking the show to air on GSN starting April 15th! I just hope it's as good as the last one!!

Another School Levy ... Here we go again!

I'm for one is wondering about this new Middle School issue. I see it as a double edge sword! Either we take the money form the state and let our taxes go up now, or wait a few years and pay for it all. I know many people are tired of paying taxes, and I am one of them. Is it needed? YES, it's needed, but right now when jobs are being losted and money getting tight? Right now is bad timing.... but we could have to pay more down the road.... If the vote was today... I wouldn't vote either way for it!


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